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Lemon and grapefruit If there is a sector that is clearly living a golden age, is the lemon, where its quotes levels have been shot up in this campaign reaching a high profitability for the producer and its exportation volumes increase every year. We expect this entire beneficial situation in the citrus sector not to be really punctual in order that they can maintain with dignity our leadership position in European production and exportation worldwide.

For that the sector must continue working in quality and professionalism. Undoubtedly, the first big challenge to internationalization is overcome all the logistic, custom and phytosanitary barriers that, in some countries, are extremely rigid.

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The solution implies both an improvement in the management and a larger support from institutions in order to defend the reciprocity criteria so that community countries can be in same conditions than other ones for the importation-exportation of products. Y con ello me refiero al concepto de felicidad. Porque como reza nuestro lema, nos esforzamos por ofrecer el mejor sabor en. Podemos desarrollar estrategias orientadas a la comodidad, el sabor, el placer en el consumo o la variedad en la oferta. But maybe the most important value to measure the success of our ventures is not the economical as the emotional.

And with that, I mean the happiness concept. That is how we have always understood in SanLucar. Innovation is placed on the center of our business and we intend this to be present in every one of the areas that intervenes in our daily activity. Because as our claim, we effort for offering the best flavor in fresh produce. But, moreover, the days of the year!

So, reaching our goal would be impossible without the adequate effort in investigation. The development of new varieties; the investigation about how to improve and extend the postharvest life; the application of new production techniques; innovation in dis-.


And all this innovations have the same common purpose: the final client and his expectations. We can develop strategies oriented to commodity, flavor, consumption pleasure or offer variety. And there is where our challenge is and where innovation results decisive, as also is for the own continuity of any company in the worldwide market of fresh produce.

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Syngenta introduced recently the details of its innovations lines in chemicals, seeds and varieties in its investigation center in Stein Switzerland to shareholders, media, employees and collaborators, among others. There they presented the different technologies of the lines of products which they intent to develop with even more the creation of value and to strengthen the leadership of Syngenta on the technological sectors where it is present. Both will reinforce its current number-one position in this kind of vegetal sanitary protection.

In its pipeline there also are new insecticides and herbicides as well as cutting-edge technology in treatment and care of seeds. Regarding to seeds and varieties, just in corn they expect to double the incomes for the year. Being based in the success of the hybrid barley HYVIDO, they have been able to carry out the first tests of hybrid wheat.

In regard of new varieties, the company announced as well that it could lead the next wave of innovation in modified genetic, with innovative projects to face the main plagues and illnesses, along with the cutting-edge technology to fight the most developed resistances. The productivity of these will improve even more with the investment made by the company on a new more-efficient global platform of biologic evaluation.

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We start an exciting period in Syngenta with an avant-garde science that will allow us to create of a meaningful value in short, middle and long terms throughout all the technologies. Clemcott is the best selection of Nadorcott and the only certified quality mandarin on the market. Por su homogeneidad, colores intensos y sabor sin igual, es un placer para tus sentidos. La provincia domina este cultivo y ha sabido ganarle la partida al principal competidor, Italia.

La nota negativa se la llevan el resto de las coles. The instability atmosphere in the extra-community countries and the Russian veto have caused that big chains intensify their purchases here in detriment of third countries. But not only traditional clients look for the Spain brand. The numbers of external commerce in corroborate the good moment the sector is living, with different records like the 13 million of tones and 13, million euros, according to FEPEX. The important increase of cultivated surface counteracted the incidences of virus in production and quotes were very favorable 0.

Cucumber In the main production area, Almeria, the surface has slightly diminished The most experienced farmers increasingly bet for it in extra-late cycles, searching for the price. That is due that its production is very complicated in the coldest months December-February and requires a big specialization.

Nonetheless, the rates of previous campaigns, above the 0. The province dominates this cultivation and has known how to gain ground. However, the average prices are not the desired ones and the sector needs to gather the supply urgently if it wants to keep leading the segment. On the other hand, among the niches to be exploited there is a market of small eggplant that is not being covered.

Currently fruits with big sizes are being harvested looking for kilos that reduce the damage of bad quotes. Cabbage Today, there is no doubt that the king of cabbages is the broccoli. To analyze an agricultural campaign is always highly difficult, even after that being finished, but in these lines I am to try to give some data and make some reflections that could be interesting. In the last horticultural year, agriculture from Almeria grew in terms of volume, surface and exportations.

Nonetheless, the average price perceived by producer went down. Almeria has a production volume over 3. We start the campaign with the unfortunate surprise of the announcement of Russian veto to European productions, causing a drop of prices in origin immediately. The sector had to recover quickly by searching for new markets, found in the countries that have recently entered into the European Union. That was the way to overcome the crisis.

Big distributors have used this vegetable to compensate the high quotes obtained by courgette, which had a scarce supply due to the high incidence of the New Delhi virus. During this season there were also difficult situations that are yearly repeated. Those must be analyzed and studied in depth to give solutions.

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We only have a fortnight with adequate quotes and the rest of time those are almost for free. Climate change brought warmer temperatures that cause the merger of regular countries with the ones from Center and Northern Europe, which can see how to expand their production cycle even decreasing their consumption of heating.

That is being valued by many consumers willing to pay some more cents for this kind of products. Hence, any economic power working in the food sector has obligatorily to buy product from our province if it wants to offer certified quality and food safety to its clients. TECNIDEX introduces its latest novelties for the fruit protection in post-harvesting The Spanish company will introduce its catalog of products, technologies and services. Scholar is an exclusive product, result of the collaboration with Syngenta. This new active substance for the control of the main fungus in post-harvesting counts, since the past October with the definitive authorization in Spain for citrus, stone fruit and seed fruit; in Italy it is authorized for kiwi, and in Portugal for kiwi, citrus and seed fruit.

That way it covers almost the entire range of fruits. The other big novelty of TECNIDEX is Textar COAD, a product for the cleansing and disinfection in citrus and peppers in their arrivals into the warehouses, as well as their cleaning waters, what allows their reutilization and a reduction of consume. Along with these products, the post-harvest catalog of the company have other already consolidated, as well as services and innovative technologies to protect the fresh produce since the moment they are harvested to when they reach consumers.

Seasoned on treatments of citrus and a model in persimmon, stone fruit and seed fruit, TECNIDEX also has more-efficient and secure formulations in its two big lines of products, Textar treatments and disinfectants and Teycer waxes and detergents. From the company they emphasize the big quality of its waxes, used by leading clients of the international citrus commerce in over 30 countries.

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Teycer keeps an excellent and constant shine since it is applied to the fruits, protecting them until they are consumed. In the technologic ambit, it counts on exclusive solutions as CONTROL-TEC that guarantees the best application of its phytosanitary products, the use of residual wastes and the control of atmospheres in chambers, with the largest food and environmental safety. Dentro del mismo contexto, queremos superar las In Gruventa, Company producer and exporter of fresh produce, we face by betting clearly for the specialization in the big distribution chains in Germany and Austria.

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Our strategy for the present year is oriented to increase our efforts in working with higher intensity with the chains of Center Europe, and keep maintaining our work philosophy based mainly on providing a professional service to the big distribution chains all year long. Within the same context, we want to exceed the 40, tonnes in fresh produce, by betting for new exportation markets such as Arab Emirates and specially Canada and Asia where we think they value the quality of our products. Likewise, we are to continue betting for the quality and safety food creating a Total Plan of Quality that would endorse our position for the production of high-quality products.

Along with the markets extension, in GRUVENTA we have set other goals during this year, like to intensify agreements with organic producer of Andalucia, aiming to strengthen the distribution of this kind of items for the big international chains. Likewise, during the participation in the Fruit Logistica fair, we are to continue defending the differentiation, betting for the international dimension and having meetings with purchasers of over 25 different nationalities.

For further information: www. Son perfectas por dos aspectos: 1. Son de buena calidad gustativa para el consumo, y tienen un buen almacenamiento hasta la primavera. De hecho, el consumidor se ve sorprendido por la carne roja una vez que muerde el fruto. Presente y mucho futuro Las casas de semillas se afanan en el desarrollo de nuevas variedades que satisfagan totalmente al consumidor y se diferencien en los lineales del supermercado.

Para plantaciones al aire libre ha apostado por una novedad en el formato mini, Bibo. Y para ello las empresas deben reforzar el estudio de variedades que alarguen el ciclo en mejores condiciones, se adapten al clima y destaquen por su sabor, sin dejar de lado la poscosecha y la tendencia creciente a formatos de menor calibre. Meanwhile in other outdoor plantations it has bet for a novelty in mini format, the Bibo. Watermelon is trending and sector also shows it. In many aspects, from agrarian organizations to model analysis entities like Cajamar, the Grupo Fashion is shown as a guideline as it has been able.