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The answer traces back to What was really important, much more than profit, was to do the work of building with total dignity, as he did in all of the numerous projects he completed throughout his career, leaving a remarkable mark in his hometown. Fast forward almost 70 years, and another client is sliding the key into the lock of a new house in the exact same place where the theatre built by Mr.

Created by the hand of the third generation of the family, the converted dwellings breathe new life into the theatrical space and, like so many before them, the new owners radiate happiness at the result. The bond of trust and confidence they experienced; the fact they were listened to and under-. Die neuen Besitzer strahlen wie so viele vor ihnen , als sie das Ergebnis betrachten. A project we feel passionate about is less about financial gain and more about personal and professional achievement. Paradise beach houses, urban masterpieces, rustic dream homes and sumptuous country hotels; not to mention the creative headquarters of global shoe brand Camper in collaboration with the great arquitect Rafael Moneo.

Their remit. The constant and unshakable nature of 3I5I3 arquitectes is the key to its success. An expression of individuality, wealth-protecting investment, or a place to conversely entertain and recuperate from the world outside? Alejandro Palomino delivers all these things, but the mission at the heart of the Bendinat architect firm is something altogether deeper: quality of life.

Building a house on Mallorca is a wonderful adventure — or so it should be. All of the customers for whom Alejandro Palomino has created estates - who have come from more than 20 countries — live in a space designed to enrich their days with happiness and health. For more than 14 years, this young, spirited team has taken a fully conceptual approach to projects, rejecting the idea of formal criteria in order to arrive at vanguard originality.

Wozu dient eigentlich ein Haus? Ein Haus auf Mallorca zu bauen, ist ein wunderbares Abenteuer — sollte es jedenfalls sein. Alejandro Palomino verschafft den Leuten nicht nur ein Erlebnis, an das sie sich gern erinnern, sondern macht auch einen echten Unterschied in Sachen Wohlbefinden.

We are constantly developing, and we innovate every day. In refusing to be tied to any one marked styling, Alejandro Palomino earns the rightful title of innovator. If there are definite hallmarks, they are the exceptional treatment of light and space, respect for views, and a dedication to improving the visual quality of Mallorca.

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From a solid base cemented by profound local knowledge, Alejandro Palomino designs dreams. Clients may pick and choose elements of architecture, interior design, consulting, or the entire end-toend, turn-key whole. The journey is embraced with vigour and a refreshingly open-minded attitude. The only aspect you have in common with other owners is how you feel once inside its walls: inspired, renewed — really living.

El equipo se enfrenta al proyecto con vigor y una estimulante mente abierta. Und der ganze Prozess wird von einem Schwung und einer erfrischend offenen Einstellung getragen.

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The dream, whatever it may be, always starts with the right building. Alibaz lays the foundations for converting life projects into reality. As a family company, all members work with passion, focus and drive.

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In a market as competitive and demanding as the Balearic one, a construction firm has to encompass all these if it wants to make the grade. Alibaz is a perfectly balanced equation formed of all the elements necessary to reach the highest outcome. To continue realising a stream of stunning projects such as those above, a construction outfit must constantly evolve, never taking success for granted.

Alibaz sienta las bases para convertir proyectos de vida en realidad. En un mercado tan competitivo y exigente como el de Baleares , una empresa constructora debe abarcar todo lo anterior para poder marcar la diferencia. Alibaz es una mezcla perfectamente equilibrada formada por todos los elementos necesarios para alcanzar los mejores resultados. Alibaz converts life projects into reality. Our main objective is that our customers come back — and they do! And they want that quality to happen easily, and fast. In a process which is inevitably both enjoyable yet fraught with challeng-.

Reassuringly ISO certified - including the demanding ISO Quality and ISO Environment standards - and with experience in everything from Vedic architecture to the construction of a vault like in the 16th century, the team deliver with zeal. Alibaz convierte proyectos de vida en realidad. Pero seguimos buscando la mejora constante. Alibaz materializa las ilusiones de sus clientes.

Und sie. While you pack suitcases, wondering whether sandals would be a step too optimistic, over in your villa Best Home Management is busy handling everything ready for your arrival; cleaning, making beds, placing fresh towels, filling the fridge, and making sure that the satellite TV and internet are working as they should be. When you arrive at your property in Mallorca a few days later, the sight that greets you is a joy. The lavender bushes that line the path to your door are blooming, the lawn is a verdant well-tended green and the cristal-clear waters of your pool are inviting you to go for a swim.

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You note that the windows sparkle, and when you open the door to your home, freshly scented and welcoming, all you need do is place the cases in the bedroom, and take a cold drink from the newly stocked fridge. This is the work of Best Home Management, which operates throughout the island, days a year, providing a range of reliable maintenance services thanks to its broad portfolio of providers, available to assist at such times as during holidays, when organising parties, hiring boats, and organising yoga classes.

A few weeks after your relaxing break on Mallorca, you learn of hurricane-force winds and excessive rainfall hitting the island. In other circumstances, you could found yourself in a state of mild panic, fretting. Half an hour later, you receive a phone call. It is times like these, you are extra glad you have trustworthy professionals for reassurance in every emergency.

The very reasonable price you pay to know your investment is in good hands is worth every cent. Es en esos momentos cuando te alegras de contar con profesionales de confianza para que te tranquilicen en caso de emergencia. Take, for example, its headquarters.

Pay a visit to the main office located in a normal neighbourhood of Palma, and you immediately recognise the enormous sense of solidarity and familiarity felt throughout the team. Having experienced great success, the company founders could have moved their operation somewhere more glamorous, but instead, they chose to stay in the original spot. Because their strength lies not in image, but in work and dedication. The accident rate at Llull Sastre is one of the lowest in the entire industry, and the safety of its employees is assigned paramount importance. Llull Sastre invests seriously in staff development, and the team responds with a readiness for challenge and to.

Cuando nos encontramos ante una empresa como Llull Sastre, resulta tentador fijarse en primer lugar en el alcance de sus logros, puesto que hace gala de una cartera de proyectos sencillamente excelentes por las Baleares.

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Por ejemplo, considera su sede. Sin embargo, decidieron quedarse en su emplazamiento original. Wenn man ein Unternehmen wie Llull Sastre unter die Lupe nimmt, ist es verlockend, sich erst mal nur auf die Erfolgsgeschichte zu konzentrieren: ein Portfolio von einfach beeindruckenden Projekten auf den gesamten Balearen verteilt.

Wenn wir jedoch innehalten und unseren Fokus verlagern, sehen wir auch die anderen Elemente, die den wahren Charakter der Firma offenbaren. Nehmen wir zum Beispiel ihre Zentrale. Dann ist da die Art und Weise, wie das Unternehmen seine Arbeiter behandelt. This third-generation family business founded over 80 years ago is renowned for public works, hotel developments and residential projects.

When a Middle-East tycoon recently purchased a house in an iconic Ibiza cove for his daughter, he insisted it was Llull Sastre who handled the reform. After all, this is the company that works hard in silence — and lets its success make the noise. Nachdem er zuvor mehrere Male mit ihnen zusammengearbeitet hatte, wollte er niemandem sonst den Job anvertrauen. A place that is exclusive to you and that contributes to your health, your strength and the pleasure of your spirit.

But these dreams are not the result of the mere assembly of rooms and walls. They come through the creation of a place close to your heart, called home. The team of experts who make up the company know very well the importance of home. Thanks to their help, you can bring your project forward in such a way that it will shape your future and be a reflection of not only who you are, but who you want to be. Toni and his team not only build you a superb house, but also renew, transform and maintain your property. You can count on emergency service, plus the carrying out of large and small installations, repairs and maintenance work; Puchet will take care of all the details which results in a loyal clientele.

With such high commitment in place, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the best lifestyle the island is waiting to give you. Es wird nicht nur widerspiegeln, wer Sie sind, sondern auch, wer Sie sein wollen. El equipo de expertos de esta empresa conoce bien la importancia que tiene un hogar. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread and a place to sleep.

In the result they have respected a modern architectural philosophy which opens a home to the Mediterranean, filling it with light and merging the structure with the natural environment through the implementation of large windows. For it is one thing to harness the proper materials to build a solid structure with, and another to create a property akin to art.

It can only begin with the mobilisation of a plus strong, solid.

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  • CSV are at the forefront of innovation, quality and technical perfection in their buildings. For CSV the reward is to step over the threshold of their outstanding constructions and feel that they succeeded — guided by their emotions. In 21st-century Mallorca, their clients place their hope of finding a new, better way of living.